Some help for your UWP apps: UWP Community Toolkit

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released the UWP Community Toolkit together with the help of some community members. This project brings these things to the table:

  • Custom controls, helper functions and app services to simplify your developer tasks while creating an UWP app.
  • Completely open-source on GitHub. This enables you to read all the code, suggest improvements or even fix a bug and send a pull request yourself.
  • Bringing your feedback to the product team, taking it into consideration for future version of the Windows SDK for Windows 10.

So a lot of benefits in using this toolkit to help you out. But what exactly is in it? The best showcase is the app in the store (link at the bottom) showing the controls and how to use them.

UWP Community Toolkit Overview

The UWP Community Toolkit currently supports SDK version 10586 and above. It will always support at least the last two SDK releases. Controls that move into the official Windows SDK will be deprecated and removed in future versions as they’re no longer needed in the toolkit.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0; code samples licensed under MIT.
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