Consultant during the day, hobbyist at night.

Bart is an independent consultant, and technical architect with a passion to deliver quality software and helping the team to do so.

Bart started his career in software development (C#, .NET) over a dozen years ago. Over the years, Bart picked up the roles of team lead and technical architect, assisting the team in delivering high quality solutions in a disciplined way. He applies principles like Test-Driven Development, SOLID, Clean Code and Continuous Delivery, tailored to the needs of the project while keeping a healthy balance between time and cost. He also bridges the gap between software development, IT, security and governance as all of these are necessary for a success story.

Bart his experience ranges from small projects to multi-team projects, covering Windows, Mobile and Cloud, with a strong focus on the Microsoft technology stack. He’s seen the pros and cons of multiple integration architectures (monoliths, service orientations, microservices, event driven APIs) and knows how to use these options to define an architecture for the problem at hand.

He’s an active member of the open-source community, writing technical articles, organizing user group events, speaking at local and international events and conferences. Bart has been awarded with a Microsoft MVP Award for his expertise and public contributions for 7 consecutive years.

Microsoft certifications

Learning has always been an important aspect in Bart’s career, with plenty of days off work to improve. Below is an overview of Bart’s Azure certifications, as this is his core domain these days, but feel free to ask what other certifications he holds to assist you. While some see it a challenge to reach as many certifications as possible, Bart approaches each of these exams as an assessment of his interest and experience rather than ability to memorize facts. Want to study for some certifications yourself then this blog post can help you to get started.


DevOps Engineer Expert


Azure Developer Azure Developer


Azure Fundamentals Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Azure Data Fundamentals


Azure Cosmos DB Developer

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