Get started with Windows 7 RC

I can’t believe if you haven’t heard it yet, or maybe you were just so busy and forgot about it: Windows 7 is available for the community starting today (MSDN and Technet subscribers were lucky to be able to get it a few days ago). You can get your hands on the official bits here. For official requirements you can go read on the same page, or on this link.

With the RC available now, we’re again a step closer to the final version. And of course as developers we can’t wait to create some ‘cool stuff' using the newest gadgets in Windows 7. I won’t let you wait until I complete my work to catch a glimpse or let you get started yourself. Please head over to the official Windows 7 Developers blog for more information about the innovative parts of Windows 7 together with some examples how to use the new features in your application.

Please keep in mind that the examples are written on a slightly modified version of the Vista Bridge Sample Library and that this managed library will most likely change towards the final release of Windows 7. But this shouldn’t keep you from exploring the possibilities and get a head start on getting your latest applications up and running completely integrated in the new Windows 7 API.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0; code samples licensed under MIT.
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